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Lesson 2 E-business Course Prerequisites
ObjectiveVerify you have the right background for this course.

e-business Course Prerequisites

To get the most out of this course, you should have a solid grasp of business models and management processes, and be familiar with basic networking concepts.
You should have a basic understanding of programming concepts, the Internet, and the following concepts:
  1. Networking protocols, including TCP/IP
  2. Operating systems
  3. E-commerce and eBusiness

Prior to taking this course, you should have the following skills:
  1. E-Commerce Fundamentals, or equivalent knowledge and experience
  2. Experience with high-tech products or services
  3. In-depth knowledge of a specific industry


Business-to-business (or B2B for short) is a marketing strategy which involves the transaction of goods or services between businesses (as opposed to relations between businesses and other groups, for example consumers or public administration).
In the next lesson, the hardware and software requirements will be discussed.